Vyšívací nitě "Kingstar" a Madeira

We would like to present you with the threads that we use for the production of our embroidery. As we care about providing the best possible products and services, we focus on the quality of materials for production, the provision of good services and the fact that the materials used for production come from companies that maintain good working conditions and do not exploiting their employees or children.

Individual materials have their own certifications that guarantee the above. An overview of individual certificates can be found here: What individual certificates mean

Japanese embroidery thread "KingStar"

Embroidery threads "KingStar" - threads for machine embroidery ..
As a result of striving for the beauty of the embroidery surface, its high durability to preserve long-term beauty and to preserve the stable properties of fibers, Fujix Co., Ltd. Through its development and innovative multi-fiber technology, it has achieved high strength, low shrinkage and elongation in its polyester yarns. These properties are very suitable for embroidery threads. "KingStar" thread has a better gloss than silk thread, is soft to the touch, has rich colors and is soft to the touch.

Fascinating and Beautiful
The color of the "King Star" machine embroidery thread with a lively shine and calm liveliness creates a unique and fascinating beauty that no other embroidery threads have provided.

With excellent washing stability
The permanent color thread "king Star" made of polyester is resistant to water and chemicals. It is guaranteed to retain its original beauty and is not degraded and does not shrink by washing.

With a gentle touch
Thanks to the soft and light surface, which is suitable for any type of fabric, the "King Star" thread creates a cubic effect that will elevate your embroidery.

Easy embroidery
With the strong, soft and smooth quality of the "King Star" thread, it is guaranteed that you will not have missed stitches and breaks of the upper thread.

Highly resistant to abrasion and sunlight
The "King Star" thread is resistant to thread breakage and friction and will never change color or deteriorate when exposed to UV radiation when exposed to the sun. 

"KingStar" threads are "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100" certified


Madeira Frosted Matt embroidery threads

Madeira, based in Freiburg, the Black Forest, has been producing high-quality embroidery threads since 1919 with branches around the world. Madeira Frosted Matt threads are matt polyester threads. Their vibrant colors give the embroideries a high-resolution look, giving the designs a new dimension. Thanks to the unique ceramic core of the fibers, the colors are perceived more intensely.

The threads are highly colorfast even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Frosted Matt threads are also resistant to washing in diluted bleach.

Frosted Matt threads are Oeko-Tex® certified.


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