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(The translation of this page is only indicative and if the translation causes any inaccuracy or small deviation, no claim arises. The text of this page written in the Czech language is important and decisive. The inaccuracy and deviation were not caused intentionally, only the translation of the terms through a translator. We apologize for that .In any case, we are at your disposal for answers to questions or ambiguities either through our contact form or on our contacts).



Who processes your data?

Pavel Čermák-Červík, Pod Větrákem 926, 271 01 Nové Strašecí, Company ID: 610 74 195, VAT number: CZ7409041178.

The person responsible for the proper processing and protection of your data is Pavel Čermák.

Therefore, only the responsible person, sales department, accounting and marketing department will work with your personal data.


What data do we process, store and why?

We process your:

  • Identification data, especially name, surname, company, responsible person, representative, ID number, VAT number.
  • Contact information, mainly address, e-mail, telephone numbers, possibly profiles on social networks, branches.
  • Marketing information – data on customer purchasing behavior, gender and age, geographic data.
  • In the event that there is a complaint procedure or a court case, we keep the documents of the procedure necessary to obtain the law.

The data is primarily used to fulfill legal obligations arising from a contractual relationship according to the Civil or Commercial Code, personal data protection and related laws.

We warn you about the processing of marketing information with an input warning about cookies on the main page of the website.

Your data is provided only to the Financial (tax) authorities and control authorities of state power.

Your data is processed transparently, correctly and in accordance with the law. You have the right to access your data, an explanation, as well as other rights if you believe that the processing is not in order. You can also file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, or with a court.


How do we store your data?

We use encrypted data transmission (SSL certificate) for internet communication.

Your data is stored on a company PC, in a database that is secured with a login name and password. Only the person responsible for processing personal data has authorized access to the data - Pavel Čermák, accounting, business and marketing department.

Your data is kept for the period specified by law, namely accounting records and documents for a period of 5 years, tax documents decisive for the determination of value added tax for 10 years, salary slips for a period of 30 years from the following year from the last entry, copies of registration slips for 3 years (starting the following year).

After this period, the data is deleted and the written documents are shredded.

We only use legal software for your data that is regularly updated to ensure system stability and ensure that broken or missing parts are repaired. We have antivirus programs installed on our devices and use a firewall. Access to data is through user accounts and is password protected. Our data is backed up.

In the event that you request to send, correct or delete your personal data, you will be asked to verify your identity, namely:

  • By sending a request from the email that is registered with us and a confirmation code that will be sent to your phone number provided by you when entering the input data.
  • The request, which will be sent to our correspondence address (Pavel Čermák-Červík, Pod Větrákem 926, 271 01 Nové Strašecí), will contain an officially verified signature of your person. Write "Personal data-do not open" on the envelope, thereby guaranteeing that only an authorized person will open the envelope.
  • In person, by prior arrangement, where you will be asked to prove your identity with an ID card or passport.
  • By phone at phone number +420 777 909 980, in this case you will be asked for additional data that will help us verify whether it is your person. In this case, call from the phone number listed in our database.

These steps are necessary to verify your identity, due to the protection of your data, which is imposed on us by law. Without providing this information, we cannot provide you with any information or accept your request.

Protection of paper data. The data, which is in paper form and contains your personal information, is located in a lockable room where it is kept in a cabinet with a lockable door. Only the employee responsible for processing personal data and the human resources department have access to them.




What are your rights?

You have the right to information about what specific data we store about you.

You have the right to data correction, erasure (unless the law requires otherwise).

If you have given your consent to the processing of some information, you have the right to revoke this consent (withdrawal of consent must be done in writing, by phone or email according to the above rules).


Security Breach - Data Breach Rules.

We do our best to protect your data and all efforts are made to ensure your safety. Since today, despite all precautions, data leakage can happen, we have established rules for this case. A breach can occur through hackers breaking into our database, breaking into our premises and other illegal practices.

  • If we discover that a security breach and data breach has occurred, we will notify the Data Protection Authority within 72 hours of discovery.
  • We will immediately notify those whose data has been leaked.
  • We document the data breach.
  • We also record breaches of personal data security, when there is usually no data leakage, but data security is reduced due to, for example:
    • Technical outage of the e-shop or website.
    • A DDoS attack where the site is down but no leak has occurred.
    • Data corruption due to a bad hard drive.
    • Access to the data of an employee who is not entitled to the data from his position.
    • And more…

We are aware that writing this is unpopular and may raise some doubts, but believe me, those who do not write this and do not consider this alternative, are not protecting data as they should.


In case of questions or confusion, you can contact us at:


  • Tel. +420 777 909 980  Pavel Čermák
  • E-mail:
  • In person - after telephone agreement at the address: Pavel Čermák, Pod Větrákem 926, 27101 Nové Strašecí, e-mail:


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